Ayco Farms Welcomes John McGuigan as Vice President

POMPANO BEACH, FL – Industry veteran John McGuigan is joining Ayco Farms – West as Vice President to spearhead the company’s Western U.S. expansion. He will be responsible for opening offices for Ayco West in Southern California in January, as well as establishing a team of high quality growers and produce professionals to distribute the company’s current portfolio of products, according to a press release.

McGuigan was most recently the former General Manager of Dulcinea Farms and was once Sunkist’s Vice President of Fresh Fruit Sales. His talent and experience with grower relations, sales, and marketing and operations will be invaluable for this role. He was excited to share his enthusiasm for this opportunity, noting, “The diversified product portfolio, including not only their core strength in the melon category, but also asparagus, pineapples, hot house peppers, snow peas, snap peas, and other high quality offerings that Ayco has established, is going to be exciting to take to market.”

McGuigan added, “We are going to approach this opportunity as a start-up with all of the energy, passion, and excitement that start-ups bring to the table for all of our supply chain partners.”


Avi Nir, President and CEO at Ayco Farms, said, “I am very enthusiastic to have John as Vice President of Ayco Farms – West to lead our western expansion, which will include Mexico. John brings the unique combination of vision, strategic leadership, and an impeccable industry track record to this new and critical role.”



Congratulations on joining Ayco, John!

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